How to Pin any Shortcut to Start Menu

When you right-click an program icon, you can usually see the Pin-to Start option of the context menu. Usually is not always. I don’t know why but you cannot pin to start documents or any file shortcut in general. Fortunately there is a trick. First of all you must locate the folder

c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\

which is typically hidden (even if it is so, if you copy and paste the link above to the File Explorer address bar, there is a good chance you will open this folder). Moreover, a user don’t have permission to write to this folder. You must grant yourself with this permission.

Now if you have write permission and you are able to locate a system folder c:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\ you are prepared to make a shortcut:

  1. Open two File Explorer windows
  2. In the first window locate any file you want to pin to and the second the folder ‘…\Start Menu\Programs\’
  3. Right-click the file’s icon, drag it to the second window and choose Create shortcuts here from the context menu.

Now you can find the file shortcut on the list of all applications, but not on Start Menu.

Simply right-click the newly defined shortcut and choose Pin to start from context menu. Et voila, your file has become accessible from the Start Menu.