How to enable the Location Service in Windows 10

Due to a bug in Windows 10 after disabling the Geolocation Service by changing startup type to Disabled you cannot enable it anymore. This can make some problems in other applications that need access to our location. Personally I have had troubles with Cortana.

If you want check the location settings you must start from Settings application.If you did, you would have seen a Setting main window. Just click Privacy icon on it.


Now the Privacy tab is open and if you click on the Location, you may see that the button Change and Location switch are inactive (grey). This means that the Geolocation service doesn’t run.


You can launch Task Manager and find the service with a name lfsvc at Services tab . If it is stopped try to start it  (right-click  on the service and choose Start from a displayed menu). Even if you are able to start our problem  won’t be solved in future (after the computer restarting). If you have still Task Manager open just right-click and choose Start Services from the menu.

servicesThe new application (Services) will open its window on the screen. Don’t do anything now with this app but run a regedit tool (press Win+R, write reedit and press Enter). Now try to find  a key HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\lfsvc\TriggerInfo\3\

and delete it.

When you have done, go back to open window of Services, find Geoloaction Service in the list, right-click on the row and choose Properties.

When you see the small window with properties just choose Automatic at the field Sturtup type.



That’s all. You have setup a Location Service on for a long time.