How to Add a Local User under Windows 10

Add a user?! It seems simple? Hmm… maybe yes or mabe not. Windows 10  designers use any possibility to force us to send to MS as much personal information as possible. This is common for big IT companies’ behaviour in this horrible ‘Big Data’ realm we live in.

When you want to create a local user in your system you must expect that you will be tricked to type your name, create a free e-mail in one of MS mail service (, MS account or at least enter your another old e-mail address.

Obviously you can avoid sharing all mentioned information and just create a local user with username and password only. It is enough to make the following:

Open User Accounts and when you see the the window like below, click ‘Add a new user in PC settings’


Next, MS guys try to get know your family. Don’t allow that and press ‘Add someone else to this PC’


A second MS trick: they try to force you to send them e-mail (or create new at if you don’t have one). Don’t type anything and click the link ‘I don’t have this person…’


Well, they want you to create an email and MS account, but you are a smart guy and click ‘Add a user without Microsoft account’


Et voila! You get well known form (showd below). Now you may enter new user name, password and so called password hint in to the fields and click Next. The account will be setup. If you want change its type, you need to do it in classic ‘User Accounts’ program.