Edge – a terrible experience

This is not first time when Microsoft shot themselves in the foot releasing wrong designed and unfinished product. I really would like to write something positive about their flagship browser Edge. I try to use it all day and come to conclusion that Edge is totally useless. It is not only uncomfortable but also impossible to browse the modern websites with this browser.

Try for example navigate to finance.yahoo.com. It takes 30 sec to load a complete page. Now try to open any item of the menu and you will see something like this:


The Market Data list is partially covered by a banner. Moreover, there is no possibility to choose any item because the whole item list simply disapears when you move a mouse to chosen item.

Most of people complain that Edge is unresponsive and extremely slow.  I notice that its is slow on some kind of javascript’s codes. Generally Edge probably has a  problem with html rendering. It suspends many times for short  during scrolling the page. It is annoying experience when the browsing is not continuous.

Edge didin’t accept extensions. You were not allowed to install your loved Evernote plugin , Laspass  or Roboform extension in order to make easy automatic logins. Microsoft wanted to keep Edge clean. Obvoiusly extensions and plugins can slow down the browser, but is it possible to run slower? Extensions are allowed for Edge for the anniversary update on August 2016. You can install them from MS app store.

Edge is not less competitive but it is totally out of competition.  Sorry Microsoft, I stay with Chrome although google spies me probably even in the toilet.