Unknown Chrome features

Chrome – the most popular web browser is full of hidden features which could make our life simpler, if we only had known them.

Choosing search engines on fly

Surely, you know that Chrome allow to set up many search engines as google, yahoo, ask and whatever you want. One of them is always indicated as a default SE and it is used by the omnibox’es search mechanism.
There are not many people who know that they can change this “default” search engine ‘on fly’ – during entering text int the omnibox. Just try to write yahoo and press Tab key and the omnibox will be switched to use Yahoo for searching. If you have other websites setup as the search engines you can switch omnibox to search in this websites at any moment by typing its domain name followed by Tab key. For instance if you are a video fan it would be fine if you enter vimeo.com into the list of Chrome’s search engines. For now you will be always able to find a your favorite video through vimeo.com directly from the omnibox. It will be enough to type ‘vimeo’ in omnibox and press tab to make the omnibox switch to search engine other than the default one.
To insert a new website into the Chrome’s list launch Settings scroll down to Search and click the ‘Manage search engines’. If you want to add a new website you must enter a name, a keyword (used in the omnibox) and address with so called search parameter. For example the correct url for youtube should look like


Type 5*6 in in the Chrome’s omnibox. You will get a result of this arithmetical calculation and more: you will see a modest calculator ready to process new, even more complex expressions.

Image searching

Maybe sometimes you are not able to download an image from a website. Thanks to a searching for a similar image feature, this won’t be a case anymore. Simply right click on the image, and hit the Search Google for image option. Chrome will launch a new tab, and using Google’s reverse image lookup it’ll search for similar images on the web.

Chrome’s Task Manager

When you click Shift+Esc Chrome displays its own task manager which provides details about processes running by Chrome itself. Those are plugins, extensions and tabs. Sometimes you may want to end an useless process and free a some memory or other computer resources.

Recovering Closed Tabs

If you have closed a tab accidently while working on it, press Ctrl+Shift+T and it’ll reopen the last closed tab. Moreover you can retrieve up to 10 recently closed tabs by pressing Ctrl+Shift+T as many time as needed.

A timer

Chrome can remind you to end cooking or go somewhere. Just type in the omnibox ‘set timer for 10 minutes’ or ‘set timer for 45 seconds’ and Chrome display a timer and after 10 min or 45 sec. you will hear an alarm signal.